About Us




Nadine has been a licensed cosmetologist since 1997, she loves the beauty industry because she believes that self-esteem in women is important and working in the beauty industry gives her the chance to show women they are beautiful. Being able to help women realize their true beauty and power is the most satisfying feeling for Nadine. She also believes that once a woman feels good about herself she is capable of achieving anything she puts her mind to and will be able to keep herself and her family happy.


Her passion for beauty motivated her to pursue a career in the beauty industry as a permanent makeup technician. She has attended numerous courses from the best instructors in the industry, some of the courses being Phi brows, Elite Permanent Makeup, BioTouch, BrowDaddy, & Minx Brows just to name a few. After her first course, she felt 2 days of training wasn't sufficient for her to feel comfortable and ready to perform the best possible service for a potential client, Therefore she felt the need to attend multiple classes to fully understand and grasp the techniques


Nadine Decided to partner up with Alex to teach a course of their own which would focus on the different techniques and skin types the student is likely to come across in their career. They want to make sure their students can experience the full procedure from beginning to end, including the retouch and aftercare for all skin types. They want to make sure each student reaches their full potential to become independent to be their own boss, follow their dreams and never work for someone again.


Nadine opened Flawless Girl in 2016 to create a comfortable, welcoming space where women can get a variety of beauty services done. Prior to opening this business she also worked as a surgical technician so she understands the importance of a clean working environment.