Wearing compressive shape-wear will often end up with a compromise when it comes to the look of your butt. If you find that as unacceptable as we do, you should try out the High Waist Butt-Lifting Thermal Shorts! These high-waist shorts have a triple-action effect that will give the targeted areas an instant make-over! The medium-control design and the internal latex layer offer your abdomen a constant workout, making it look flat and smooth at all times! No more muffin tops or love handles!


The all-natural butt-lift is done using the cut-out sections that round-up and elevate your rear. The sculpting effects continue along with your hips, down to your mid-thigh area. Fitting into your favorite pair of jeans will never be the same again!

1402 – Short Térmico Hoyos Realza Glúteos / High Waist Butt-Lifting Thermal Shor


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